Bolang 20t/day block ice machine (or brick ice machine) put into operation

With the improvement of people's living standard and the development of economy, the application of ice making technology is more and more extensive. On the commercial side, ice making technology can be used in food processing, logistics cold chain, ocean fishing, pharmaceutical and medical fields. In industrial production, ice making technology has been widely used in power generation and construction projects in concrete cooling, mine cooling, energy storage and peak regulation.

According to the different shapes of the ice produced, the ice maker can be divided into brick ice machine, sheet ice machine, square ice machine, tube ice machine, etc., among which the brick ice produced by the brick ice machine has the advantages of high density.


Block-ice-machine is a kind of ice machine. The ice produced by block-ice-machine is the largest in the ice products with small contact area with the outside world and is not easy to melt. Can be crushed into various forms of ice according to different requirements. Applicable to ice sculpture, ice storage sea, sea fishing, etc. When crushed, it can be used in any place where ice is used. But when the ice is crushed, it partially melts, and the amount of ice is lost. Ice can be divided into clear ice and milky ice.

Ice block machine is divided into small direct refrigeration ice block machine, large direct refrigeration ice block machine, direct refrigeration container type ice block machine, salt water ice making type ice block machine.


The characteristics of block ice are high density, high strength, not easy to melt; Can be made into colorful ice; A variety of sizes available, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 125kg; Clean, sanitary, no impurities; The temperature is low, can reach -3 degrees Celsius; It can be processed into balls of ice or small cubes that are not easy to melt.

Application fields of block ice includes, port and dock ice factories, aquatic products preservation, cooling, long-distance transportation, aquatic products, food preservation, cooling and eating in special fields, ice sculpture ornamental use, edible ice field, etc.

Post time: May-18-2023