Philippines 10 ton tube ice machine project case

Project background:
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Customer: A well-known ice factory
Scale: 10 ton tube ice machine

Application field:
Food preservation
KTV, banquet hall, bar, cold drink and other business places


Project features:
Small floor area: adapt to the characteristics of the catering industry, and have high requirements for equipment.
High efficiency and energy saving: meet the needs of large ice consumption, long use time and expensive electricity during the peak period.
Simple operation: the equipment is convenient to use, can greatly save manpower, relieve peak pressure.
Food safety: Tube ice is the most common type of food ice and needs to meet food grade standards.

Project effect:
Greatly alleviates the production pressure of customers during the peak period.
The quality of the equipment made the customer very satisfied and obtained a very high profit.
The customer plans to expand production again this year and purchase other equipment from BLG again.

Application: Suitable for daily consumption, vegetable preservation, fishing boat aquatic products preservation, etc.

Post time: Jun-04-2024