The flat plate quick freezing device for seafood fast frozen and storage

Bolang made a detailed analysis of the structure, system and operation conditions of the flat plate quick-freezing device. According to the actual use in production, one of the main factors affecting the operation energy consumption is the liquid supply mode of the flat plate machine. Good results have been obtained after the improved test, which can be applied to the actual production of frozen shrimp or fish. The freezing speed of aquatic products is greatly improved under the condition that the refrigerating machine is unchanged, i.e. the refrigerating capacity is unchanged.


Flat plate quick-freezing device is the main freezing equipment in large and medium-sized fishing boats and frozen processing plants of aquatic products on land. It is also the main energy consuming equipment for frozen processing of aquatic products. Therefore, the research on its energy saving technology, especially the actual energy-saving technology transformation in the form of products currently in use, is one of the main ways to realize its energy saving and consumption reduction. There are many factors that affect the energy consumption of flat plate quick-freezing device, such as the energy efficiency ratio of refrigeration unit, flat plate structure, heat and mass exchange performance of plate and so on, which belong to the category of equipment research and development. For the existing forms of equipment, the focus of energy conservation should be the operating energy consumption.


Plate freezing machine is a kind of contact freezing device. According to its structure, it can be divided into plate storage body, plate, hydraulic system, refrigeration system and control part. Under normal circumstances, the flat plate, hydraulic system and flat plate library should be made into a whole module, on the one hand, it can be full of its flat plate operation, on the other hand, it can realize the modular production of the factory, to achieve the overall lifting and transportation.


In the flat plate freezing machine, as the foundation of the whole module, the flat plate library plays a very important role, which not only has the function of heat insulation and insulation, but also plays the role of structural support. Heat insulation is to keep the low temperature environment in the warehouse during the operation of the quick-freezing machine, and reduce the loss of cold quantity. The structure support is to provide bearing and support for the evaporation plate and hydraulic system inside the freezing machine. In order to realize these two functions, polyurethane insulation board is usually used as heat insulation material in the design of flat slab quick-frozen hangars, and the load-bearing frame is embedded in the body. Polyurethane insulation acts as insulation and the built-in frame acts as support.

Post time: May-18-2023