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A clear ice machine is a device used to manufacture clear ices, usually used in commercial places such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. The main principle of a clear ice maker during operation is that water automatically enters a water storage tank through a makeup valve, and then is pumped to the diversion head through a flow control valve. The water is evenly sprayed on the surface of the ice maker, flowing through a water curtain like a wall of the ice maker. The water is cooled to the freezing point, and the water that has not evaporated and frozen will flow into the water storage tank through a porous tank, restarting the cycle of work. When the ice reaches the required thickness during operation, the hot gas discharged by the compressor is reintroduced into the wall of the ice maker to replace the low-temperature liquid refrigerant.




1.Fully transparent old ice: Various shapes with more options (square, spherical, diamond, heart-shaped, etc.). The transparent ice block mechanism blocks the ice block without any bubbles or impurities, just like a crystal. The crystal is transparent, and the ice body is sturdy and not easy to touch, making it very suitable for literature and art. Based on our extensive industry experience in refrigeration equipment, we have launched the Borang transparent ice maker to meet the demand for low-cost homemade transparent ice in bars and achieve your freedom of transparent ice.

2.Ultra slow melting: lower center temperature and higher ice density. Cold blocks are not easy to melt, making them perfect for peace of mind. Integrated with various ice art works, it can be used on-site, in medicine, and in the laboratory. At special events, exhibitions, or parties, transparent ice blocks can be carved, dyed, or decorated to create various interesting shapes, colors, and effects.


3.Efficient and low-cost: 24H-26H fast ice making, reducing time and labor costs. Compared to traditional ice making processes, using the Borang ice maker eliminates the need for manual water addition and cutting of ice cubes. We provide one click fully automatic function, equipped with food grade silicone molds, which can complete the entire process from ice making to deicing to storage in one machine.


Transparent Ice - Ice Maker
Technical Parameter
Serial number Name Explain
1 Ice making time 72 hours
2 Ice production 4 pieces/240KG
3 Ice Block Size and Weight 60kg, 80*20*40cm
4 Ice mold Stainless steel
5 Water tank Stainless steel
6 Compressor unit 2HP/Air-cooled
7 Refrigerant R22
8 Inlet water temperature 20-30℃
9 Ambient temperature 35-40℃
10 Source 1.5KW/AC220W/50HZ

♦ Brand: BOLANG; Cooling method: air cooling; Voltage: 381v-1000v; Power: 5000W; 24-hour ice production: 1000 kilograms



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