650Kg Commercial Cube Ice Machine

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BLG’s commercial small cube ice machine is beautiful, elegant, durable and healthy. Ice maker also known as square ice maker, ice crystal clear, automatic production. Users only need to connect water and electricity to use, high efficiency, energy saving, clean and sanitary. Pellet ice has the best melting resistance and is suitable for mixing, decorating and preserving food ice. Widely used in hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks and other places that need ice. Ice machines belong to a class of commercial ice machines, which also include snow ice machines, bullet ice machines, and crescent ice machines.




1、Perfect design: The shell is specially treated with stainless steel, durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. The arc-shaped upward sliding door design is convenient for ice retrieval and effectively saves space, making it beautiful and elegant. Unique ice fill control design, completely unaffected by environmental temperature interference.

2、Efficient performance: Efficient and energy-saving design, using internationally renowned compressor units, and increasing the number of ice grids, resulting in a 10% increase in overall production. The unique automatic cleaning device effectively saves maintenance costs, prolongs machine life, and makes ice cubes more transparent and hygienic.


3、Environmental Protection and Health: Adopting environmentally friendly refrigerants makes the ice making process more environmentally friendly and healthy. Half ice can be customized according to customer needs, with the same technical parameters as full ice.


Commercial Cube Ice Machine
Small all-in-one machine
Model Daily Production capacity(kg)/r Ice Storage(kg) Dimensions Voltage(Customize)  Power Condensing/
BLG-CF042 42 8 500*580*790 220v  550W Air cooling
BLG-CF055 55 8 500*580*790 220v 590W Air cooling
BLG-CF070 70 30 670*670*920 220v  600W Air cooling
BLG-CF100 100 30 670*670*920 220v 680W Air cooling
Split machine
BLG-CF125 125 140 560*850*1610 220v 870W Water cooling
BLG-CF160 160 140 560*850*1610 220v  950W Water cooling
BLG-CF210 210 140 760*850*1610 220v  1000W Water cooling
BLG-CF280 280 220 760*850*1750 220v  1300W Water cooling
BLG-CF380 380 220 760*850*1950 220v/380v 1800W Water cooling
BLG-CF450 450 220 760*850*1950 220v/380v 2000W Water cooling
BLG-CF650 650 400 1220*850*1750 220v/380v 3000W Water cooling
BLG-CF850 850 400 1220*850*1950 220v/380v 4400W Water cooling
BLG-CF1000 1000 400 1220*850*1950 220v/380v 5000W Water cooling





Western Restaurant


Cold Drink Shop


Pelagic fisheries


Aquatic product preservation


Vegetable and fruit preservation

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1. Project design


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