BLG strongly participated in the exhibition, leading the new trend of refrigeration technology

Recently, the high-profile Indonesia Cold chain and seafood, meat processing exhibition opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. BLG brought its latest refrigeration technology and products to the exhibition, once again demonstrating its technical strength to the industry.


In this refrigeration exhibition, BLG's exhibition area is located in the core area of the exhibition hall, and the product display on physical display has attracted the attention of many professional visitors. The products in the exhibition area cover many fields such as home ice making equipment, commercial ice making systems and industrial refrigeration solutions, fully demonstrating BLG's extensive layout and deep accumulation in the field of ice making technology.


At the exhibition site, BLG not only displayed a number of its hot refrigeration/ice products, but also brought new refrigeration technology and solutions. Among them, BLG's newly developed intelligent frequency conversion refrigeration technology has become the focus of on-site attention. By precisely controlling the operation of the refrigeration system, the technology achieves a higher energy efficiency ratio and lower noise level, bringing users a more comfortable and energy-saving experience.


In addition, BLG showcased its customized refrigeration solutions for the commercial sector at the show. These solutions fully consider the refrigeration needs of different industries and different scenarios, and provide users with more efficient and reliable ice making services through flexible design and optimization.


During the exhibition, BLG also held a number of technical exchanges and product experience activities, and conducted in-depth interaction and communication with the on-site audience. These activities not only let the audience have a deeper understanding of BLG's refrigeration technology and product advantages, but also laid a solid foundation for BLG to further expand the market and expand the brand influence.
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Post time: May-11-2024