Fire evacuation drill

January 31, light rain, BOLANG refrigeration participated in the park organized fire evacuation drill. The exercise is to improve employees’ fire safety awareness and ability to respond to emergencies, to ensure that employees can evacuate the scene quickly and orderly in emergency situations such as fire, and to minimize casualties and property losses.Fire drill Fire drill Fire drill

First of all, the company actively cooperate with the park to develop a detailed drill plan, from the drill commander announced the drill, hear the alarm, all employees immediately arrive at the designated place, receive guidance for rapid evacuation, and orderly run to a safe area, then each person in charge count the number of people and report step by step.

Fire drill

The purpose of this fire drill is to enhance the fire awareness of employees, encounter emergency fire response ability and test our company’s fire safety organization ability, response ability and actual combat ability. During the exercise, the command staff was calm and calm, the majority of staff responded quickly, and successfully completed the drill of the scheduled subjects, which strengthened the ability of our staff to deal with emergencies quickly and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.Fire drill

Finally, the chief commander of the park drill summarized the activity, and he stressed that all the park employees should enhance the awareness of emergency prevention, so that everyone talks about safety, everything talks about safety, always talk about safety, and create a safe park.

Through this exercise, employees in the park have mastered the knowledge of fire escape safety, and are familiar with the procedures and routes of emergency evacuation in the event of an emergency. At the same time, the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among employees has been cultivated, and the self-rescue and mutual rescue ability of employees in response to public emergencies has been effectively improved, and the expected effect has been achieved.


Post time: Feb-03-2024