The composition of electrical control system of ice machine

The electrical control system of the ice machine mainly includes the following parts:

Control panel:

The control panel is used to set the working mode (automatic/manual), ice time and temperature parameters of the ice machine interface. The control circuit is the core part of the ice machine, which is used to control the operation of the ice machine. It includes power supply circuit, microprocessor control circuit, motor control circuit, sensor control circuit and so on. The power supply circuit provides power for the ice maker, usually using 220V, 50Hz single-phase electricity. It is responsible for bringing an external power supply into the ice maker and controlling it via a power switch.


Sensors are used to monitor the temperature and humidity inside the ice machine and transmit the data to the control panel for real-time monitoring of the working status of the ice machine.

Refrigeration system:

 The refrigeration system includes compressors, condensers, evaporators and refrigerant circulation lines, which are used to cool water and make ice.

Power supply system:

The power supply system provides power for the ice maker to ensure its normal operation.

Safety protection devices:

including overload protection, overheat protection and electrical short circuit protection, etc., these devices are used to ensure the safe operation of the ice maker and prevent accidents.

Tube ice machine

In addition, there are some other electrical control parts, such as the main switch of the electrical control system (open, stop, cleaning three positions), micro switch, water inlet solenoid valve, timer motor, etc., these parts are used to control the water inlet and ice making process of the ice machine.

In general, the electrical control system of the ice machine is an important part of controlling and monitoring the working state of the ice machine, ensuring its normal operation, and improving the efficiency and safety of ice making.