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Bolang always adheres to the development concept of “Technology Explores the Market, Quality Builds Reputation”, continuously pursuits cutting-edge refrigeration technology, and combines practical application experience to improve product quality in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and control.

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  • BLG sales training

    Recently, BLG held a sales training session to improve the skills of the sales team and stimulate the potential of the team to better meet the market needs and promote the continued growth of the company’s business. This sales training session invited well-known technical/sales experts in t...

  • BLG group building activities came to a successful conclusion

    Recently, in order to strengthen communication and collaboration among employees and enhance team cohesion, BOLANG company carefully planned a unique team building activity. The event was held on June 15, 2024 at the scenic Kaisha Island Camping Base Scenic Area, with the active participation of ...

  • Our company actively participates in fire drills to build a strong safety line

    Recently, in order to further improve the fire safety awareness of employees and enhance the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue in response to emergency situations such as sudden fires, our company actively responded to the call and organized all employees to participate in a carefully plan...

  • Indonesian customers visited in person and placed an order of 5 tons of tube ice machine on site, opening a new chapter of cooperation

    Recently, BLG welcomed a group of important international guests – partners from Indonesia. This visit not only highlights the deep friendship between the enterprises of the two countries, but also marks a substantial step forward in the cooperation between the two sides in the field of tub...

  • Japan Mayekawa visit our factory to discuss cooperation

    Representatives of Mayekawa Production Company of Japan visited our factory and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with our factory on future in-depth cooperation. The visit not only further deepened the mutual understanding and trust between the two companies, but also laid a solid foundatio...

Case Studies

  • Malaysia ice plant expansion case
    1. Case background Location: Malaysia Customer: an ice factory customer Demand: The customer's original ice factory is small, hoping to increase revenu...
  • Philippines 10 ton tube ice machine project case
    Project background: Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Customer: A well-known ice factory Scale: 10 ton tube ice machine Application field: Food preserva...
  • Malaysia 30 tons pipe ice machine project
    In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there is a well-known ice factory using 30 tons of tube ice machines. Designed and manufactured by BLG Refrigeration, this i...

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